Academic Poster Design

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Posters are used extensively in research to share ideas and results at conferences, workshops, and other typs of meeting. These type of documents require considerably more attention and effort than is sometimes realised, if they are to be effective, and create a good impression of you and your work.  Unfortunately, many posters of this type are poorly designed, difficult to read, and particularly unimpressive!

This resource was developed by eMedia on behalf of REMEDI, NUIG, TCD, and UCC, funded by the HEA (SIF1). It has lots of really useful suggestions and should be essential training for those who want to refresh their approach to poster design and production. 

Resources for learners, trainers, and developers

Are there badges available for this topic?

Not yet. This is a resource provided by an independent source (rather than All Aboard).  However, a related digital badge will be forthcoming at a later date, as part of a set around ideas related to graphic design and materials production.

How can we run a workshop or classroom session on this topic?

There is a lot of scope for training on this topic, including comparing examples and hands-on use of design tools/packages.

Are there resources and materials available?

Considering how widespread the practice of academic/research poster design and publication is, there is remarkably little material on the topic. General graphics and writing guides and design ‘common sense’ suggestions are, of course, valid here too.

Can I download a copy of this interactive lesson?

No. This lesson is currently only available from the original website (not part of All Aboard) and is not in a downloadable format.

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