Exploring, planning journeys, and building curricula

Making sense of the Metro

When you visit a new city, it is helpful to have a local intinerary of interesting places to visit, particularly one that’s aimed at your interests, or current needs. In our metro system, we aim to help you navigate your way around this digital landscape, by recommending stations to visit and explore. We have collected sets of recommended stations for different groups or purposes. If you visit all of the stations in a given set and earn the digital badges on offer at each location, you will earn a ‘Travelcard’.

Using this travelcard scheme, it is possible to build up mini-courses or curricula to suit a huge range of possible needs. We have prepared travelcards for different types of user, for those at different stages in their use of technologies, and to help identify particular skills such as those connected with digital creativity, course design, information skills, etc.

The first travelcard is ‘Student – Zone 1’ and represents some suggested stations that are perfect for those starting out in using technologies to support their learning. Although primarily aimed at students in higher education, much of the content may be of use to others also.

Our next travelcard, is all about being creative, developing new ideas, content, and media. ‘Creative – Zone 1,’  covers a range of useful lessons and badges. The Graphic Design lesson is nearing completion and will complete the set for this travelcard.