An Introduction to Digital Video

Key ideas and practical tips for the production of digital video resources

Content & learning objectives

In this lesson, we’ll explore some of the fundamentals of planning, filiming, and producing digital video materials. We’ll learn some useful techniques, as well as see how to avoid some of the commonest errors. We’ll also learn a little of the jargon and get a basic understanding of the different types of equipment available.

You can access the lesson by clicking on the image (to the right) and if you successfully complete the activities and quiz, you can earn a digital badge.

Resources for learners, trainers, and developers

Are there badges available for this topic?

Yes. There is a basic knowledge badge, awarded to anyone who successfully completes the online lesson and quiz. The advanced badge is for those who have completed an appropriate workshop, or series of workshops, to develop and demonstrate practical skills in video production.

How can we run a workshop or classroom session on this topic?

This topic is perfect for workshop sessions, enabling participants to get first-hand experience at planning, shooting, processing, and distributing video content. 

Are there resources and materials available?

Yes. We have collated some useful links for you (opposite) but there is no shortage of information in the form of websites, videos, and books. Many courses are offered by institutions (and vendors) on aspects of video production and editing. We will be providing further materials in future on related topics and combining this badge with others will lead to a planned ‘Creative Technologies’ Travelcard.

Can I download a copy of this interactive lesson?

Yes. We provide all the materials which we have developed (or adapted, subject to licence permissions) for use under a CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. You can download a SCORM 1.2 package to install in your VLE/LMS or website by clicking here.

If you prefer an xAPI Tin Can format, then download from here.

Further information & useful links:

YouTube’s ‘Creator Academy’, online lessons, examples, short-courses:

JISC’s ‘Using digital media in new learning models’:

Tom Antos (filmmaker) tutorials:

‘The effective use of video in higher education’, Woolfitt (2005):