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There are currently no delays, or construction work, at the following stations, and travellers are welcome!

Additional Stops

Stations for which the content and badges are provided from other sources, outwith All Aboard. These examples are from the UK’s Open University and are mini-courses, rather than lessons, and so require some considerable time to complete.

ol_badge_220x220         ol_badge_220x220_sdw-64

Stations for which there is currently a limited service (ie some introductory content, but badged-lessons yet to be released) include:


For every station on our Metro Map, we are currently collating and publishing:

  • An online, interactive lesson which covers the key ideas of that particular topic, which you can work through on your own;
  • A digital badge awarded to those who successfully complete the lesson and its associated quiz/activities;
  • A list of some useful links to further information on the topic, including additional training resources, websites, and articles;
  • A set of practical exercises (where relevant) suggesting how you can develop and demonstrate your skills in the topic;
  • A set of criteria for a ‘skills badge’ which can be awarded following endorsement by a local trainer (e.g in a Learning Technologies/Educational Development unit);
  • Downloadable versions of our original materials which you can install and use locally or adapt for other non-commercial purposes.

As you will appreciate, with a Metro of this scale and this many lines, it will take some time to complete all the stations, so we welcome anyone who is willing to help develop materials for us (using templates and guidelines we can provide), share existing resources, or point to other relevant projects and sources of information.

Credit for header image

The photo is of a Washington DC underground station and was taken by Shawn Clover, released via flickr, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-2.0 licence.