The Digital Scholar

How technology is transforming scholarly practice

Content & learning objectives

“Digital scholarship is a shorthand for the intersection of three technology related developments: digital content, networked distribution and open practices. It is when digital, networked and open intersect that transformational practice occurs. In this free course (provided by the UK’s Open University), The Digital Scholar, you will explore the impact of digital technologies on scholarly practice.” The course is based on Martin Weller’s book and it is estimate to require 3 hours work per week for 8 weeks if you wish to pace it in this way and cover all the content and activities.

After studying this course you will be able to:

  • understand what is meant by the term ‘digital scholarship’
  • recognise Boyer’s scholarship framework
  • consider new approaches to research afforded by digital scholarship
  • understand how digital, networked technology can influence public engagement
  • appreciate the influence of the recent MOOC development.

This online course is available under an open license and you can take it at any time or pace that suits you.

Excellent free course provided by the Open University (UK). ‘All Aboard’ is about sharing and connecting, and we are delighted to identify high quality resources made open by others. This course also provides a digital badge which can complement those you may acquire via ‘All Aboard.’

Resources for learners, trainers, and developers

Are there badges available for this topic?

Yes.  The Open University provides a digital badge for those who satisfactorily complete this mini-course.


How can we run a workshop or classroom session on this topic?

This is a broad ranging set of themes and topics, each of which has considerable scope for workshops, discussions, and reflection on practice. One potential approach is to work through the online course in a group, sharing blogs and reflections and creating a ‘community of inquiry’.

Are there resources and materials available?

Yes. The book on which this course is based is available for download as a pdf, or purchase in printed format.

Can I download a copy of these materials?

Yes. The Open University has released this content under a CC BY-NC-SA licence.  We will shortly be making downloadable SCORM versions available here.

Further information & useful links:

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