Referencing, citations, and publications

A useful overview of these key aspects of academic learning

Content & learning objectives

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the acceptable approaches to referencing information and other work that you want to use in your reports, essays, and other publications or documents.

The lesson is a useful overview for students of these key ideas and also raises the important issue of avoiding plagiarism. The distinctions between paraphrasing, quoting, citing and other ways of combining sources will be clarified and you will also learn about some of the tools at your disposal to help with referencing and citations.

Click on the image to start the lesson, which if you complete it successfully (including the associated quiz), will enable you to earn a digital badge.

Resources for learners, trainers, and developers

Are there badges available for this topic?

Yes. There is a basic knowledge badge, awarded to anyone who successfully completes the online lesson and quiz.


How can we run a workshop or classroom session on this topic?

Institutional libraries typically offer training and workshops on this topic and can explore the issues in greater depth, perhaps also providing you with opportunities to get direct feedback on your own work.  Future badges based on demonstrated practical skills and examples of your reference lists, bibliographies, etc, may be developed and linked to here.

Are there resources and materials available?

Yes. There is no shortage of resources on this topic and your local institutional library will no doubt have plenty of materials of which you can avail.  Some links are given on this page, but there are many other guides available.

Can I download a copy of this interactive lesson?

Yes. We provide all the materials which we have developed (or adapted, subject to licence permissions) for use under a CC BY-NC 4.0 licence.  We will shortly be making downloadable SCORM versions available here.

Further information & useful links:

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